What's the worst that can happen?


You avoiding me?

Others finding out about what I did?

Not being able to step foot there again?

I guess it really doesnt feel as bad after writing it out.

Ultimately, it seems like I'm just really afraid of people finding out about the rejection and being ashamed by it? haha..

It's funny cos after kick starting my business and receiving countless rejections and ghosting, I got over them very easily. This time around, how did it become so different?

There's really nothing to be ashamed about with getting rejected after expressing your feelings. Maybe it's cos the last one went so bad that I still haven't recovered mentally from it. lols.


It was from all those micro-rejections that has made me feel uber awkward around you, whilst still clinging to some kinda sliver of hope. meh.

I just need to remind myself that, hey - I go for what I want, and if I don't, well it sucks but life goes on. I've wasted enough time obsessing over this one single thing that I'm losing sight of everything else around me.